About Pricebook Plus

PriceBook.com lets you search and compare thousands of products from across popular e-stores so that you can save time and efforts. You can compare, save and shop several products from across. PriceBook provides ecatalog for Heating and Cooling Systems. The intuitive catalog allows you to mention your requirements and the app will allow you to generate the appropriate suggestions. It is a B2B application targeting Dealers. The Dealers are hooked on to the application because the App significantly reduces the time to generate quotations.

Challenges :

  • Application Development for an e-catalog system
  • In-built CRM system for integration. The customized CRM should allow to maintain CRM
  • Technology Partnership to help the Business needs

Solution Offered :

  • A Partnership (a company) that manages the Business needs, that is reliable and continuously support Business requirements
  • Feature rich application to manage the e-catalog system
  • Intuitive Application with catalog search and recommendations based on the Business needs
  • In-built CRM capabilities to manage Dealers' subscriptions and customer data