Application Maintenance and Support Services

Your existing business application needs an IT partner to support and maintain it to keep it relevant and responsive to the market demands. We are up for the task.

Application Support & Maintenance Services

Our Application Maintenance and Support services are designed to help businesses to drive high-performance, and extend application life while improving the application efficiency and reducing overall system downtime.

Our SLA driven and process driven application support & maintenance services approach has helped us serve more happy clients all across the globe.

Why Application Maintenance & Support Services?

  • Reduce 'keep-the-lights-on' costs - reduce the per user support cost and non-discretionary spend.
  • Minimize the risks to business - effectively balance cost reduction and risks to business.
  • Ability to predict costs - predict future costs and reduction therein.
  • Scalability - scalable model to allow temporary expansion in capacity to support enhancements.
  • Flexibility - dynamic cost structure that caters to the fluctuations in business demands.
  • Quality of service - higher customer satisfaction from higher quality of service.

We work both on the transition to outsource team model and work along with the current team model.

What our Application Maintenance and Support Service offers?

  • Basic Services:

    • Helpdesk Support.
    • Admin Support.
    • Security Vulnerability Patches.
    • Minor Enhancements.
  • Value Added Services:

    • UI Design.
    • Testing.
    • Version Upgrade.
    • Code Analysis & Review.
    • Documentation.
    • SME Consulting.
    • Integration Services.

Why Choose RailsFactory’s Application Maintenance & Support Services?

  • Pay-per-use : pay only for what you consume and not for idle availability.
  • Cost predictability: pay for predefined productivity levels for services.
  • Reduced TCO: reduces overheads of managing people and infrastructure.
  • Reduced risk: 24x7 services with well defined process.
  • Higher Flexibility: Choose your requirement from a basket of services based on varying business demands.
  • Scalable: Meet your temporary expansion in capacity or sudden spurt in your business demands with scalable support model.
  • Service Guarantee: performance driven service delivery approach with pre-defined SLAs.
  • Value-based pricing: Pay only for the quantum of services delivered. Move away from the effort based to value based pricing.

How it works?

Application Development Model

Talk to us to know more about how we can help with your support and maintenance needs.

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