Code Review Services

Application Code Review & Security Audit

Ruby on Rails code audit service from RailsFactory provides you with expert RoR developers looking into the depths of your code giving you a complete report detailing security, performance, code quality and maintenance issues across your entire application.

Our expert developers go through your application code looking at the implementation and development of the application from many angles and they review every aspect they can get their hands on. The report you receive is thorough and quite often extends past 20 pages of hand crafted recommendations covering all major situations of your application we have discovered

Before we start our code audit service, we talk with the client to find out areas of concern they might have, be it performance, security, UX or all of the above. Each audit is hand tailored to the client and the application.

Code Review Services

Application Code Audit

When we perform a code audit, we generally look into the following


We understand beautiful code becomes useless if someone can exploit it. We put the highest priority to secure proof your code.

Ruby and Gem Versions

It is surprising how many rails applications aren’t running on the recent version of Ruby on Rails which is incredibly important for performance and security improvements.

Database Concerns

Rails applications essentially live in the database and getting the database aspect of your app is critically important.

Application Setup & Documentation

We have seen applications that are impossible to get running without an existing developers assistance. Making your application easy to understand for a new developer will be important for future needs.

Controllers, Models and Views

We often see methods that are either way too long or violate the single responsibility philosophy, and learned that having stable rails application starts with getting these two things right.

Assets & Asset Pipeline

We check many aspects of the assets like JS, CSS, and delivery through the asset pipeline to ensure the application’s performance.


Last but not least, having a solid tests / specs in place is most important for future maintainability and upgradability. We focus on the completeness and speed of your test suite along with clear integration test and presence of CI server to name a few.

Code Review Services

Application Security Audit

We know security is paramount to you and your application need to be bulletproofed and hacked proof for sure. That’s why we provide security audit services which puts your application through a rigorous checking process to identify (if) any security loopholes are there and helps you to fix them.

While doing a security audit we check your application in a structured manner to ensure it is as secure as you need it to be.

We usually perform the audit following the steps listed below
  • Risk Assessment
  • Authorization and Access controls
  • Data and Input validation
  • Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Command Injection flaws
  • Error Handling
  • Remote administration
  • Authentication
  • Session Management
  • Information Disclosure
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Buffer overflows
  • Logging
  • Web application & server configuration
Code Review Services

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