DevOps Consulting Services

Focus on growing the business without worrying about the infrastructure issues.


At RailsFactory, we believe that DevOps is essential for the entire business, with continuous delivery and customer feedback driving business growth.

DevOps ProcessDevOps Process


As Jez Humble right acronymed, our DevOps services can be defined as CALMS.

Our DevOps services help business to resolve the traditional disconnect between development and operations bringing them together to grow at faster rate.

  • Culture Accelerate collaboration and communication are the building blocks of our DevOps culture

  • Automation Take manual steps out of your value chain to increase the efficiency and reduce the execution time.

  • Lean Follow lean methodology to enable higher cycle frequency

  • Metrics Measure everything and use data to refine cycles

  • Sharing we share experiences, either successful or not so that others can learn from them.

How can your business benefit from DevOps Services

DevOps solves not only technology issues, but also business process problems and helps business to grow as the complete system is optimized and not only individual silos.

  • Keeps server uptime 100% so that your customer never sees an error on application

  • Keep your operations cost optimized.

  • Keep your business and data secured with constant monitoring and instant responses.

  • Automated deployments to reduce manual errors.

  • Manage your resources effectively

Talk to us to know more about how our DevOps can help you to focus on growing the business without worrying about the infrastructure issues.

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