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Hire Dedicated Vue JS Developers and Consultants for your integrated web application

Get the best-in class Vue JS development services our experts at RailsFactory. By hiring Vue.js developers, you can direct the structure of the app in the desired wireframe. Being a progressive JavaScript Framework, Vue.js is immensely helpful for building high quality front-end applications and user interfaces. From developing advanced single page web apps, mobile applications, to creating a reusable part of web application, hire Vue JS developers to fulfil all your project needs.

We deliver comprehensive ranges of VueJS development services to suit your business requirements. We practice agile methodology, use Vue.js library, server-side rendering and component-level catching capabilities for creating smooth, user-friendly and high performing apps. We use industry specific project management tools to keep an accurate project schedule and communicate on a regular basis on IM like Slack.

Hire Vue.JS Developer

VueJS Expertise

RailsFactory specializes in providing robust and scalable Vue.js development services to a wide array of clientele, covering various sizes of industry segments. Our dedicated full-stack Vue.js developers are expert with all the new version releases of this library and adept in creating web applications for better user interfaces.

  • Vue UI/UX Development

    We harness the power of VueJS library to create interactive, and creative UI/UX for real time user experience across various devices for your business apps. Our developers break down user interfaces into simple composable components that can be reused within the product.

  • Universal Vue Apps

    Our developers have worked with VueJS can be rendered from the server-side along with node. A framework like Next.js can also be used for SSR.

  • Migrating to Vue 2.6.10

    Our developers can help you migrate your old Vue application to the latest version 2.6.10, replacing deprecated code and also use new features like Virtual DOM, out-of-the box SSR support, Vue-CLI and many more.

  • Plugin Integration and Development

    We have experience working with plugins like Vuex, VueRouter, VeeValidate, Axios, BootstrapVue, and more. We can also help you build your own custom plugins and make them available as npm packages which can be used in multiple products without much hassle.

  • Static sites

    We can leverage libraries like Nuxt.JS, Quasar Framework SSR+PWA to render static pages faster without much loading time.

  • Standalone Front-end App

    Our developers have extracted front-end from monolithic applications to make it a separate micro service consuming APIs from Rails backend. You can convert your existing monolithic apps into microservices to scale better.

  • VueJS Support & Maintenance

    We provide continuous support and maintenance services for all our VueJS solutions through our Vue experts. Get scalable, expert solutions to address each & every issue post-delivery of your project. We also do code reviews for existing Vue projects and help refactor code to improve performance of the overall application.

  • Plugin and API Integration

    We also provide API-driven VueJS projects to help you explore powerful third-party solutions. From highly functional VueJS based plugins, API integration VueJS applications to one-way data binding & stable code and feature enhancement & optimizations, we provide expert assistance for integration of the existing web applications and systems using VueJS. Our developers have built standalone frontend apps that consume third party APIs like Facebook, Twitter, Algolia search, Layer chat, Twilio, RazorPay or Stripe, and so on. We use open-source Vue components to speed-up our development speed instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Why Hire our Vue JS Developers?

Strong Vue JS Expertise

We have been offering 3+ years of business centric tech expertise for Vue JS applications and website development.

Comprehensive Delivery

RailsFactory maintains the versatile Vue JS expertise required to handle comprehensive delivery of large scale, multi-technology and multi-disciplinary projects.

Clienteles Across different geographies

We are delivering technology-enabled services and solutions to clients across domestic and international geographies.

Test driven development

All the codes are tested with automated tests. This helps to define, and confirm software’s behavior against unexpected code changes in the future.

Experienced team

We have experienced group of architects, developers, programmers and testers.

On-time delivery

We deliver all our projects within the timeline and with great quality.

Premium Code Quality

Our codes are of high quality and optimised. This ensures that the website performs effectively even when you have high traffic.

Planned development process

We plan our work in Sprints between 2-3 weeks. In each sprint, the team releases the planned functionalities and features.

Latest Vue versions

We use the latest Vue available which provides best features. We also use latest Vue JS versions.

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