About Desmond & Dempsey

Desmond & Dempsey is a shop for cotton pyjamas and luxury silk sleepwear with unique prints for women and men. Inspired by Sunday mornings and travels around the world, luxury pyjama brand Desmond & Dempsey’s hand-painted prints are the perfect fit for the notebooks and sketchbooks of your next adventures. All designs are monogrammable, just like the brand’s PJs.

Challenges :

  • Create a content focused ecommerce brand
  • Migrate from square space which had heavy ecommerce limitations
  • Migrate to a platform with unlimited eCommerce scalability and to still create visually rich blog content

Solution Offered :

  • Extensive data discovery to their current platform
  • Proposed and migrated to Shopify plus
  • Redesigned the UI/UX of the website from ground-up