About Name R Newborn

NameRNewBorn.com is a crowdsourcing platform for the new parents to start online contests to choose the best name for their newborns. The joy and feel of parenting start with perfectly naming their little ones.

There are a lot of websites that help parents to search names for babies. But NameRNewborn wanted to give parents the feeling to unravel a new unique name rather than settling with the names already available on websites.

The parents can spawn contests online and participants in the contest would suggest names based on the thoughts shared by the contest creator. The best namer whose suggestion is accepted or selected will get a cash award.

RailsFactory helped NameRNewBorn to successfully translate the idea into a functional product.

Features On this App

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails, Postgress, JQuery, Active Admin and Sidekiq

Team Location

Chennai, India

Fixed model

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