About An online real estate player targeting the Australian market

Creating a Web portal which is highly responsive across all devices

Business Requirement:

Before engaging with RailsFactory, the client had a static website of 6 pages and performed the business operations offline. When the client’s directors decided to take the operations digital, they connected with us requesting to provide a solution on the same by sharing a high level requirement, or otherwise called an Epic.


As a leading end-to-end web and web application solution provider, RailsFactory took an Agile approach with a scrum framework, focused on requirement gathering, grooming user stories and an effective product Roadmap for developing the client’s website from scratch. Integrated with a wide domain expertise, and process specific industry tools, our dedicated RoR, ReactJS developers made the website development very convenient and easy to use.

The Company:

The client is a real estate agency/brokerage helping property owners to sell their homes and commercial properties, units and Land in Australia. They are an online Real Estate website that is dedicated to helping Private Sellers and Private Landlords take selling and leasing into their own hands in a professional manner. Their aim is to provide residential homes and commercial properties, property information, property advertisements and much more.

Challenges Faced:

The client was facing challenges in maintaining the lead in Australian Real estate market due to a stiff competition and economic changes. They wanted an entire makeover of their existing website to help them promote their service offerings, attract new customers and gain competitive advantage with their innovative offerings. The client was keen on completing the project with a strict deadline.

One of the priority tasks given to us was to design the portal for property owners who are of 60 years and above. These users comprise almost half the audience of the client who are not tech-savvy and require an 'easy to handle' user interface. This puts our UX/UI resources' minds at challenge as the design should cater all age groups.

Our Approach:

In approaching the complete makeover of the project, our developers wanted the new website to be user-friendly and include all the functionalities the client was looking forward to. The team began brainstorming with the stakeholders of the project to gather more innovative ideas to enhance the approach.

In order to make the website a “one-stop-shop” for all real estate professionals, our UI/UX team paid keen focus on designing the 'property listing page' and the 'property detail page' with pristine care as these pages were the key selling points of the entire application. We followed the Agile approach with a scrum framework for developing the client’s web application from scratch. Integrated with wide domain expertise, and process specific industry tools, our dedicated RoR, ReactJS developers made the website development very convenient and easy to use.

Solution Offered:

As a leading global professional solution provider, RailsFactory through its agile methodology ensured that the client was delivered a rich, interactive web application according to their requirements. We provided a solution to the challenge by developing a custom functionality that would enable users to make informed decisions by smoothly comparing the properties based on multiple parameters.

  • Built the website in a way to ensure that it renders well across all the devices of varying screen-sizes
  • Developed and integrated a Content Management System for publishing content such as Blogs, Articles, Real Estate journals etc.
  • A fully interactive gallery showcasing all properties and their amenities listed by their owners.
  • Create a strong web presence with the support of our Search Engine Optimization experts to list the website name in Google ranking.
  • Built a value added feature for property owners to list their properties on other websites partnered with the client using a XML parsing system.
  • Developed and integrated other enrichments to the portal such as Coupons, Wheel Spins, User activity logs and a configurable admin panel.

Tools and Technologies: ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, Grape API, S3 media storage, Sidekick, AWS, Matamo, Tengrade, Postgres

Benefits to the Customer:

After delivering an agile based development solution to the customer, today the client receives a huge amount of traffic through search engines. Using a modern and elegant looking web application, they were able to sell properties at a much faster rate as comparable to other websites.

Following are few benefits client had after using our services:

  • Increase in website visitors and registrations for properties
  • Higher link popularity and visitor traffic
  • Rise in sale of properties
  • The search engine positioning allowed the client to avoid thousands of dollars, mostly, in online ad expenditures.
  • The rapid application development framework made this possible, reducing development time and cost by 30%.