About Populere

Populere is an image-centric social media site that lets users share revenue generated by ads on their profile. More the users post and share, more their opportunity to earn. Quality posts and shares attract traffic to the site and ads on the posts and Populere wants the users to share the income.

RailsFactory’s team used agile methodology to develop the product from scratch to market in 3 months. Initially, the web app was designed responsive and later transformed into an iOS app.

With Populere, users not only can socialize and post contents on their profile but also get paid proportionately - sharing the revenue generated by their posts.

Features On this App

Tech Stack

ROR, PostgreSQL & Redis, AngularJS, Grape. iOS, push notification techniques and web - Nodejs

Team Location

Chennai, India

Engagement Model

Phase-1:Fixed Bid Phase-2 : Retainer model

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