About CaratLane

CaratLane.com is one of India’s leading e-commerce company in diamonds and diamond jewellery. With a network of over 4000 global vendors, CaratLane offer the largest collection of diamonds & diamond jewellery in the country. CaratLane has been serving more than 150+ cities and towns across the length & breadth of India. CaratLane has been listed as one of the hottest 20 e-commerce companies in India. Titan [TATA Group] acquired a majority stake in CaratLane ~ USD 60 Mn.

Challenges :

  • Improve Page Load Issues
  • Improve the frequency and quality of Feature Release
  • Instant Ramp-up of the Dev Team
  • Integration with ERP

Solution Offered :

  • Improved page load performance by 400% without compromising user experience
  • Refined the Agile practices & initiated Pair programming for improved quality of release
  • Quick Ramp-up of Development team with Senior Developers
  • Integration framework provided between ERP & Magento
  • Training & Mentoring to Client Dev Team on best practices