About RubyConf

RubyConf India is a highly-anticipated conference that brings together leading ruby developers from around the globe to shape, learn and inspire.

This event will see a convergence of students, techies, tech evangelists and ruby experts participating from different industries.

Team RF at RubyConf India 2022

Here’s a glimpse of how our Team RailsFactory’s day unfolded at
RubyConf india 2022, Pune.

Why You Should Attend RubyConf Pune

Come, be a part of this conference and you’ll walk away understanding

It's all about the community

Ruby developers and companies are really committed to helping one another and making the community grow healthily. Attendees can meet ruby experts from different parts of the world and learn from the best.

Building Networks

Meet all sorts of people at the conference- Ruby developers, Elixirists, marketers, bloggers, growth hackers and curious people. The content is well-balanced and not Ruby hardcore, so everyone can share their interesting talks.

Interesting speaker sessions

Everyone can be a part of these highly dynamic speaker sessions, and they cover a very broad range of topics- talk about APIs and security issues in Rails apps, also some off-topic ones about developing your career.

You’ll benefit from it

If you are looking for exposure to developers and the Ruby community, it is a good event to be part of. You can help to contribute back to this amazing community of developers.

Also, This year RailsFactory will be opening the conference!

Our Speaker Session

Listen to our Technical Lead, Amulya Tanksale, who will share her insights on “Exceptional Ruby” on August 27, 2022 at 11:50 AM- 12:15 PM. You’ll learn how exceptions work & how to structure a robust error handling strategy for your app and bring your exception handling techniques up to speed!

Amulya Tanksale

Technical Lead, RailsFactory

Meet our Team At RubyConf 2022

Smart People. All in One Place.


Where The Fun is..

Date: 27th August, 8.30 AM - 7PM
Address: Hyatt Pune Hotel,
88 Nagar Road, Kalyani Nagar,
Adjacent to Aga Khan Palace,
Kalyani Nagar, Pune-411006, Maharashtra

Say Hello To Our RailsFactory Team

Swing by the booth to say hi to our Team. You’ve got some Q’s and we’ve got lots of A’s. Ask us about anything we can help with!

We hail from over 7 countries, speak more than 15 languages and enjoy an incredible breadth and depth of expertise in our work. Don't be shy. Feel free to reach out to us