Selenium Testing Services

Hire top-notch Selenium Testers for All of your Project Needs

RailsFactory delivers a wide array of

Selenium testing services

for small, medium and large enterprises. From test automation framework set up for web, mobile, & desktop applications, robust script development, to maintenance, and test automation training, we offer a wide array of selenium testing services to fine-tune the quality of your application.

Our best-in-class selenium testers have extensive experience in debugging high-end web, Android and iOS applications using various cutting edge testing technology tools such as Selenium Grid, Selenium Web Driver, SauceLabs, Docker Selenium, TestNG, Apium, Z-Cron. Get dedicated selenium testers for all your project needs. We offer an extensive variety of hiring options that gives you the flexibility to hire testers or team according to your requirements.

RailsFactory maintains the versatile selenium testers expertise required to handle comprehensive delivery of projects of all sizes; working in sprints and each sprint is between 2-3 weeks.We use industry specific project management tools to keep an accurate project schedule and communicate on a regular basis on IM like Slack.

Selenium Testing Services

Selenium Testing Expertise

Our QA and testing professionals use the best automation frameworks and tools to execute strategy specially made for the project. Combining agile methodology along with testing processes, we offer quality software solutions and professional services to our clients.

  • Developing Frameworks

    We integrate automation tools like Junit, Test-NG and Cucumber with Framework for serving the best in automation testing domain. Having frameworks helps in increasing code re-usage, higher portability, higher code readability, and reduced script maintenance cost.

  • Continuous Integrations

    We have experience of working with tools like Jenkins, Maven, and TestNG and much more. This helps in managing all the project dependencies and ensure an easy building process.

  • Customized Reports

    We design customized reports for clients to help them gain advantage in the test results and support them to take decisions for their products easily. The designed reports offers a consolidated view for the test execution, shows benchmarking and the latest results helps customers to view the real progress.

  • App Testing Strategy

    It helps you plan an automation process starting from the app development stage, infrastructure analysis to deployment. It helps you to understand the challenges and offer solutions accordingly.

  • Functional Test Automation

    Hire selenium testers who can verify and validate various functionalities for various conditions using robust functional test automation for web, desktop and mobile applications.

  • Automated Regression Testing

    We deliver automated regression testing for web, mobile apps services and APIs by running scripts to meet the quality. Our regression testing service offerings combines best-in-class algorithms and methods for minimizing the disruptions, and keeping the QA costs under control.

Our Engagement Model


Employ our dedicated developer and team at your corporate office with proven expertise in coordinating and managing the project from requirements gathering, project definition to planning deliverables, implementation and user training. This provides greater visibility for the clients into the project progress.


Hire the best-in class experts from our development centre and get the benefits of on-time reporting & advanced communication minus overhead costs. You will always be kept informed of all the works on regular intervals.


Under this model, you can hire experts onsite and experts from any of our delivery centres offsite to get technical consultations, interact with business partners and handle issues including requirement analysis, feasibility study and delivery of project. This gives you smooth access to onsite experts and helps you in building an expert team offshore for successful project delivery.

Why Hire our Selenium Testers?

Strong Quality Engineering Expertise

We have a dedicated QA unit of 50+ quality assurance engineers, inspection experts, certified analysts and Quality Control Specialists adopting industry standard software testing models and techniques to help you achieve reliable and predictable deployment and release readiness.

More than 300+ Projects across multiple domains

Our QA teams are proficient in multiple software testing services, tools, platforms and standards, required to handle comprehensive delivery of large scale, multi-technology and multi-disciplinary projects.

Clienteles Across different geographies

We are delivering tools and platform-enabled services and solutions to clients across diverse domestic and international geographies.

On-time delivery

We deliver all our projects within the timeline and with great quality.

Experienced team

We have experienced group of dedicated quality assurance engineers, inspection experts, certified analysts and Quality Control Specialists.

Planned QA Process

We plan our work in Sprints between 2-3 weeks. In each sprint, the team releases the planned functionalities and features.

Hiring Model

Engagement Type Selenium Testing ServicesFull-Time Hiring Selenium Testing ServicesPart-Time Hiring Selenium Testing ServicesHourly Hiring
Duration 8/hours per day, 5 days/week 4/hours per day, 5 days/week Per Hour
Communication Slack, Email, Skype, Phone Slack, Email, Skype, Phone Slack, Email, Skype, Phone
Billing Monthly Monthly Monthly
Hiring Period Minimum 1 Month Minimum 1 Month Minimum 25 Hours

Onboarding Process

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