About Leading Automobile dealer in Lisbon

Official Distributor and Repairer of new and used Renault and Dacia cars, in Lisbon

Business Requirement:

The automotive industry in Lisbon is quite competitive, the same as in other regions. It was getting highly difficult for an individual with a garage to manage the entire operations efficiently. In an effort to bring together all the functions of the garage under one umbrella, the client had a requirement of website app development to keep all the information precisely and can be used as and when required.


RailsFactory, a leading end-to-end web and application service provider identified Ruby on Rails as the best technology to accomplish this goal. Harnessing the latest programming language/frameworks, intuitive UI/UX designs, agile development practices, the development team developed a high performing, feature-packed website which was easy to use and secured.

The Company:

The Client SA is a company of the Auto-Industrial Group, Official Distributor and Repairer of new and used Renault and Dacia cars, in Lisbon. Founded in 1970, The Client has been at the service of the car for almost half a century! The company currently has facilities in Alcântara (Western Lisbon) and Olivais (Eastern Lisbon) and it delivers a totally personalized service and consists of a professional and highly qualified team.

Challenges Faced:

A reluctant start it was! In addition to business requirements, there was a series of technical requirements which were vital for the very existence of the business. The team had to overcome the difficulties related to precarious aspects of domain research, besides building up a team of domain experts and SMEs in a short duration of time, while making the client understand the technical scenarios of the project. Moreover, the proposed project was meant to empower customers on a day-to-day basis.

The main task was to make a smooth, easy-to-use, convenient system which can be useful, even for people who are totally unaware of any kind of technical stuff and cannot use websites for registering the car, making payments etc. all into the system.

Our Approach:

In an effort to give the client a complete makeover of the project from integrating all his manual maintenance of all the car dealers to shifting them into an online platform, our developers created a website which included all the specifications and functionalities the client was looking forward to.

Our dedicated team conducted research on understanding the local market- what most of the people in Lisbon were looking for in a car in their own area. Some of the things our team did was to optimise the site for location specific keywords and that helped the search engines to understand what the site was all about.

Solution Offered:

The client has chosen RailsFactory as the solution partner for this project due to the all-round technical expertise and years of experience in developing scalable, user-friendly applications solutions in RoR. We provided the requisite end-to-end online setup solution for the client’s requirement.

Technologies: RoR, Ruby, HAML, Kendo (Plug-ins)

Benefits to the Customer:

The implementation of ruby on rails code and use of HAML instead of HTML has been working perfectly and the client has excellent visibility into car dealings in the region. In addition, the client was very pleased that this project enabled them to easily include a wider customer base.

Following are few benefits client had after using our services:

  • This new site has allowed the client to push the envelope for selling cars online and do a larger percentage of the sales process on their website
  • No more manual addition and removal of vehicles from the list
  • The complete online set-up has helped in saving clients time, thus enabling them to move their critical resources to other activities.
  • Increase in car dealership events