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Why Agile Stands Out in Software Development

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Vijay Krishna

Business Analyst

For any person responsible for project delivery, choosing/opting for the right methodologies is a tedious task impacting the project’s success. One such methodology of late which has a higher client satisfaction rate is AGILE.


Why choose Agile?

Clear requirement

Agile methodology encourages frequent and open communication, allowing you to gather relevant requirements effectively and ensure everyone is on the same page helping us to reduce misunderstandings and keep the project moving forward smoothly as planned.

Less Documentation

Agile methodology is flexible. All other traditional waterfall methodologies always require extensive documentation and a rigid project plan. However, Agile methodology embraces change and allows for flexibility throughout the project lifecycle, and keeps the project running smoothly.

Welcome new changes in requirement

Agile methodology emphasizes delivering value early and frequently. This can help us to prioritize and deliver the most critical features or requirements first by doing this, we can gather feedback from stakeholders and users early on, allowing for continuous improvement and ensuring that the final product meets their needs effectively.

Priority is given to working software

Agile methodology promotes a focus on delivering a minimum viable product (MVP) and incremental enhancements. This helps to break down complex projects into smaller manageable tasks that can be prioritized based on their value. We can ensure that the most critical features are delivered early, enabling stakeholders to start realizing the benefits sooner.

Embraces continuous improvement

Agile methodology emphasizes the use of retrospectives. Retrospectives provide an opportunity to reflect on what worked, and the feedback loop allows us to identify areas for improvement and refine your requirements-gathering process spontaneously.

Enhancing Project Clarity

Agile methodology also promotes transparency and visibility. With the help of certain tools and daily stand-up meetings, team members have a clear understanding of the project’s progress, tasks, and dependencies helping to identify any potential bottlenecks or any roadblocks early on.

Written by Vijay Krishna

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