Case study on Overcoming Staffing Augmentation Challenges for a Leading API Management Software Provider

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Business Requirement:

A leading provider of API management software provider approached us to overcome resource constraints and help build APIs for their clients. This pioneering client is known for its inordinate API Platform that is well secured. Despite its success, the client was still plagued by long-standing IT development team staffing issues.

The client also committed to completing the project under an aggressive deadline — a challenge compounded by limited staffing and a lack of experience in ruby on rails tech stack. This left them unable to independently develop and implement a strategic plan to execute the projects smoothly. Knowing they needed assistance, the client asked RailsFactory to mobilize a team of experienced technical specialists to implement a comprehensive strategy, thus, helping them overcome this challenge through a long term technology partnership.

About the Client:

The client delivers an API platform to accelerate the pace of digital business. They help companies – from disruptive start-ups to the Fortune 100 – to use their enterprise data and services to create connected digital experiences for customers, partners and employees.

Many of the world's largest organizations partnered with them to enable their digital business. The client was listed in NASDAQ and was recently acquired by GOOGLE for $625 Million in 2016.

Challenges Faced: To cope up with a fast paced working environment, the client faced a lot of challenges in their regular work such as:

  • — Prioritize & scale their API service
  • — Build an API platform that is well secured and have better control
  • — Integrate the platform with other 3rd Party Systems
  • — On-Boarding customers continuously

Solution Offered:

To move forward, we engaged our Subject Matter Experts, developers, tech analysts, and project manager to assess the previously identified issue. We evaluated the current process to understand the complexities and nuances of the situation. Going a step further, we analyzed the current workflow and performed time studies to determine throughput time, which resulted in capacity analysis studies and resourcing needs.

Based on the preliminary analysis and legwork, we assembled a team of approximately 30 highly skilled professionals alongside a program manager with a decade of experience and much needed product expertise. We collaborated with the client to develop services for their customers. We performed key management systems using RoR, Java and Python. We build a platform of full-fledged features with focus on reservation & fitness API development for the client’s key customer, and supported them with KPI research and analytics. During the course of time frame, RailsFactory oversaw and monitored the API development and assisted with their continuous customer on-boarding support

Benefits to the Client:

Our expertise in ruby on rails and API development helped us to deliver the following benefits which would not have been easily achieved in the market:

  • — Smooth development of reservation system, fitness API development, KPI research on time
  • — Ensured client team’s setup, ramp-up, and scalability
  • — Long-term partnership for continuous support

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