Regression and Functional Testing of Healthcare Application for High Performance

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Business Requirement:

The client needed a fast and effective software testing solution to evaluate the end-to-end system specifications of the application to detect any performance and functionality issues that may arise. Due to the nature of the app it was crucial that no bugs made it to production.


Our QA team examined all the requirements of the client and based on that QA engineers made a checklist to perform a regression testing before the releases. A Mind Map for the app was also compiled. To improve the UI and the app usability for end-users, recommendations on UIs testing were made. During the app testing, different functional changes were recorded in the bug-tracking report. All corrections were presented as comprehensive reports for the client and developers.

The Client:

The client is a leading healthcare platform provider which enables patients to record and understand their healthcare stories. Co-created by doctors, patients, and caregivers, the app helps patients and their families directly record their healthcare conversations, so they can take their doctor’s advice home with them. After the visit is over, the app creates a transcript of medical mentions. The transcript can be used as a way to navigate the audio, and patients can tap on moments they want to replay. They can also share it with family and their care team, to help them stay in the loop.

Challenges Faced:

The QA team was challenged to perform a functional testing and GUI testing to check the application operation. Moreover, the QA engineers had a task to provide recommendations on how to improve the prominent features of the app. As the healthcare app required frequent interaction between patients and doctor, a chat box was created for effective mode of communication. Major attention was given to audio and video calls testing. This was one of the most important and time-consuming parts of the project. Security test was performed in accordance with the requirements.

Our Approach:

We wrote test cases for every module of the application to determine whether they are fit for use for the long run. We executed test cases manually, reporting bugs, and capturing test status continuously before it went to the production server weekly. During every build, test scenario was checked to make sure that the new addition of features does not affect the existing ones. To check the mobile compatibility for both iOS and Android, mobile handup was performed during test cases. Once all the bugs were resolved and verified, the application was validated for the production stage.

Solution Offered:

To conduct comprehensive automated tests, we set up a dedicated server to run and pass tests. This approach enabled our testing team to detect bugs promptly and provide the client team with an accurate status of the product. Performance and load testing helped identify weaknesses in the application, leading to a faster and more stable service operation. The results of all testing types were recorded in the bug-tracking system for reference and follow-up.

Tools : Selenium, Postman, Sahi, TestComplete, SoapUI, Swagger

Benefits to the Customer:

Following are few benefits experienced by the client after using our services:

  • — Ensured higher ROI
  • — Delivery of better and faster results led to significantly reduction of efforts and time
  • — Decreased the time-to-market launch of the application
  • — Constant and regular execution of test cases paved the way for swift feedback thereby contributing to maximized profits

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