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Providing Comprehensive Compatibility Testing Solutions and Infrastructure to Ensure Optimal user Experience in any Environment

RailsFactory delivers end-to-end compatibility testing services that can be performed across various browsers, OS, servers, databases, hardware, configurations, display resolutions, etc. We have an extensive compatibility environment encompassing the latest platforms, Operating Systems, hardware and peripherals to ensure that the app performs well over a wide range of technical specifications.

By harnessing RailsFactory’s compatibility testing services, businesses can reduce management overhead costs, speed up their software development life cycle process, and bring maximum business value. Our team of compatibility analysts, experts, testing specialists, work together to provide seamless testing services to finetune the systems in order to remain stable and powerful. Using real test environments, our testing experts can assess how well your software application functions in various operating systems, networks and browsing environments.

Software Compatibility Testing Services

What We Do

Our QA team performs complete compatibility testing services to validate applications on former, upcoming, and current versions of desired platforms

Software Compatibility Testing Services
Operating Systems Compatibility Testing

Our experienced QA team rigorously checks the application on various operating systems for hardware issues. Our test center houses Mac and PCs hardware starting from low specification to the latest models. We identify the hardware requirements for your app and test using various network configurations and optical drives.

Software Compatibility Testing Services
Browser Compatibility Testing

Our team constitutes of experienced professionals who can evaluate an application from a user's perspective. Our wide software library comprises of various browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, and few more with every version of their respective plug-ins and supporting applications such as Shockwave, Flash, Windows Media Player, and Adobe Reader.

Software Compatibility Testing Services
Mobile Device Platform Compatibility Testing

We check and validate that your application functions properly across the combination of browsers, mobile devices, and their platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, that the customers would be using to access the application.

Software Compatibility Testing Services
Software Compatibility Testing

We perform software compatibility testing to find out whether the software application is proficient to run in various databases, browsers, OS, hardware, mobile devices, systems, and networks. Using real test environments, our experts run compatibility tests.

Software Compatibility Testing Services
Hardware Compatibility Testing

We perform hardware testing for all the major devices, web browsers and operating systems. Our testing environment features the latest equipment and devices, which rigorously tests the app, software and website to ensure compatibility with all the software application, hardware and OS you support. We build a custom test suite based on your requirements, thus, helping us to identify all the bugs and incompatibilities.

Software Compatibility Testing Services
Web Server Compatibility Testing

Our team uses a comprehensive approach in testing the server-side interface. Before pushing them to the live environment, we test the private server URLs or locally hosted web applications and websites for browser compatibility.

Software Compatibility Testing Services
Database Compatibility Testing

We use database testing tools to address different layers of database testing including the data access, business, UI & database and perform data verification and other testing actions. While testing the databases, you also need to create custom comparisons that will perform very specific testing actions.

Compatibility Testing Tools

Our dedicated compatibility team has extensive, hands-on expertise on automating compatibility testing services. Using leading tools, techniques, agile methodology, we can help you to maximize your return on investment.

Software Compatibility Testing Services


Software Compatibility Testing Services


Software Compatibility Testing Services

Spoon browser Sandbox

Software Compatibility Testing Services


Software Compatibility Testing Services


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Project management tools are the key to business success. At RailsFactory, we use industry specific tools to effectively scale your business and develop new products faster than before.

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