About Digital Educational Firm

Business Requirement:

As the client was extending its business operations to Asian market, it needed a payment gateway that could simplify the complexities of taking an online educational business international and efficiently process payments in foreign currency. During its initial expansion into countries like India, the client had to charge the Indian customers in Brazilian Real and display Rupees on-screen. This discrepancy was a large source of confusion and customer complaints, making the customers slow to adapt the new service.

Operating in a very rapidly changing and diverse market, the client did not have the manpower to integrate Indian Payment for the web applications. The app needed to be consistently fast and allow customers to use the spoken english site in just one click.

Initially the application was built for a particular test- TOEFL, and the client wanted to dynamically add new tests like IELTS, TOEIC along with their different set of questionnaires, licenses, so that it could reach a wider audience group such as schools, colleges, institutions and much more. This would help them to improve their market reach, project their platform in the right channels and gain strategic advantage.


The client switched to RailsFactory for all of its international and Indian based payment integration. Being the leading mobile development solution provider, RailsFactory delivered first-level frontend, backend and testing services which ensured that the client’s diverse customer base have access to queue busting solutions as well as anywhere payment anytime.

With the introduction of a faster, more reliable payment solution, people could take online english proficiency tests easily and get their detailed analytical reports smoothly, thus streamlining the hiring process for companies in need of a bilingual workforce.

The Company:

The Client is a New York based educational technology firm, focused on solutions targeting language training assessment, and a particular focus on English. As the world’s first adaptive training platform focused on English language proficiency exams, The client’s primary differentiator lies in its ability to understand the necessities of every individual user and adapt to these necessities through a proprietary algorithm, allowing each user to focus on his or her specific needs. The client platform tracks performance data around each discipline (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking) focused on time management as well as content competency, feeding each user relevant test questions and content for them to improve their scores. The client also provides English proficiency testing and training for educational institutions preparing individuals for IELTS, TOEFL® and TOEIC® or in need of general level testing.

Challenges Faced:

For a digital platform like client's, the current payment gateway needed to be effective and consistently fast. In addition to business requirements, there was a series of technical requirements which were vital for the very existence of the business.

Tasked with the company’s adaptive training platform, the company wanted their internal team to work alongside our team in integrating a complete new payment gateway for the Indian and Pan Asian region. Back then, the team had to overcome the difficulties related to client interaction, geographical timing, and language barrier. Putting together the best-in-class industry processes, domain insights and business analysis were critical to the proposed system. More so, because the system was meant to empower the customers on a daily basis.

Our Approach:

We suggested making the entire process dynamic after completely understanding their requirements. We implemented two payment gateways and made overhaul of the entire code. The team covered all the possible technical scenarios and reduced the gap between all the involved entities (for instance, if the integration is good, it will reduce the development woes). The development team followed TDD (Text Driven Development) methodology which gives organizations the capability to painlessly add more test, update their software to report new business requirements or other unforeseen variables without help of coders.

Solution Offered:

The client has chosen RailsFactory as the support service partner for this challenge due to the all-round technical expertise and years of experience in making use of the latest technologies to helping businesses integrate with payment gateways for ceaseless electronic transactions. We provided the requisite end-to-end solution for the client’s requirement

Technologies: RoR, JavaScript, Angular JS, Angular 4, MYSQL

Benefits to the Customer:

The implementation of ruby on rails code has been working perfectly and the client has excellent visibility into product-specific conversions via Ruby on Rails. They were very pleased that this project enabled them to easily include a wider customer base. As they expanded into other international cities, new customers have been equally pleased using their local currency for taking english proficiency tests and training programs.

Following are few benefits experienced by the client after using our services:

  • Generation of more revenue
  • Expand to more geographical locations
  • The internal development team can add, edit new tests and launch them easily
  • They expanded to 3 tests, unlike earlier where they were constantly concentrating on one test
  • The client could develop different types of questionnaires without help of developers