About Humaura App

Humaura is a knowledge community portal built for the people of Indian origin living in the USA popularly called as Desis. It acts as a collaborative platform for news, reviews and events happening in India and in the Desi community. It is a knowledge repository “Built by Desis for Desis”.

The Humaura mobile app is to bring the power of the community to the mobiles and provide a union of Desi minds to harness the collective wisdom for the greater good of the Indian community in the USA.

It allows the participants to signup and contribute by adding news URL, search for news and reviews based on category and also add their own reviews by commenting and uploading images.

Any NRI staying in the USA can also look for events happening around them and participate.

Features On this App

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails, Postgres 9.3. & Active Admin. Android & iOS and JQuery

Team Location

Chennai, India

Engagement Model

Phase-1 Fixed bill & Phase-2 : Retainer model

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